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Our Featured Artist: MEG a Light-worker

Posted by Karma L. Hemingway on

Meg, a Light-worker who send healing energy through her jewelry work. Ever since she had a life-changing spiritual awakening experience on her way to Sedona through her spiritual guide, her mission has defined and became her profession almost obsession.

Meg shared her spiritual awakening experience,

One day on my way to Sedona, AZ, I had a clear vision of a Native American woman who lived somewhere in Sedona a long time ago. At her village, she was making jewelry with stones and beads, using leathers, and feathers. Instantly I acknowledged that she sent me a thought that she wanted to help me. At that time, I didn’t know not only why she wanted to help me but also what the help really meant because I haven’t even started my jewelry making journey at that point. The only thing came to my mind was I liked to make things ever since I was a child and I also liked natural stones a lot.

On that visit to Sedona, I purchased natural stones and beads to make my very first jewelry. That was the beginning of entering my jewelry designing career.

What surprised me was later I find out about the Native American woman who gave me a vision was one of my guide’s past life self! She showed me her past life memories of me making bracelets and pendants, she was guiding me through a process of downloading ideas of designs and channeling a healing energy to transform into the stones.

 Oval Botswana Agate

Many of my clients told me when they held my work in their hands for the first time, they felt a tingling sensation. That was an energy I downloaded and transferred into the stones. This is another gift she has guided me to do naturally.

I personally don’t feel the stone’s tingly energy on my hands. Because it’d bother my work process, cause I touch stones every single day.

So I speak with stones when I pick stones at the shops. They will call me and catch my attention if the stone was a right one. I do not make a mass production. Each stone has own uniqueness and a personality. I will respect their own energies. So every single design is something special!”

She respects their own energies thus every single design is something very special for the right person who receives them.

She puts full moon’s energy into her work every month. She makes a raw pointed crystal circle following the rules of the Northern Hemisphere. Lucky enough, these stones were charged with a rare occasion of Super Blue Moon!

Since each stone is unique and handmade, we only carry 1 of each design. If you like to receive healing energy through her work, pick yours with your intuition.


*Her Artwork will be available on March 1st at 12:00 am PST.

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  • Beautiful stuff u make:) i am lookin for a piece of jade… preferrably a ne cklace but will also apprerciate a braclet…please let me know if u casn help me

    Jessica on

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