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JULIANA Collection

Inspired Handcrafted Jewelry From Juliana

The vibrant unchained spirit of the Brazilian island where she was born, the sparkling beauty of the beaches, and the power of the ocean all come alive in every piece of jewelry she designs.

Her jewelry allows a woman to express herself, to show off her style, her depth of personality, her strength…and her own natural beauty. Rough, color-rich gemstones like citrine, quartz, tourmaline, amethyst and many more remind her of the hard journeys we go through, and the polished stones sing of beauty and serenity and shine with a hope of things to come. Rough or polished the stones glow with naturally beautiful, just like all women glow with their own naturally beautiful.

She is passionate about every piece she designs. When she holds the stones they talk to her, the kaleidoscope of colors tell her a story, and the metals she uses to bring it all together perfectly compliment the gemstones.  She is a romantic at heart, a passionate, free-spirited woman who loves making jewelry that makes other women feel wonderful, beautiful and filled with adventure and discovery. 

Since each stone is unique and handmade, we only carry very few of each design. If you like to receive healing energy through her work, pick yours with your intuition. 


All of her jewelry is shipped from the US.

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