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Our Story

OpenChakraEnergy is a mindful community for people around the world who needs more balance in their life♡
My journey started way back in summer 2004...
I was working for a corporate job which was a stressful and exhausting one... I mean mentally...

I was in my 20's just got promoted to even more stressful position, and my marriage was about to end, my beloved grandmother passed away and my mother was diagnosed with serious illness. It was a rough time for me.
Then I started noticing upset stomach, nausea, migraine, insomnia... well you name it. I had every symptom and sign of depression.
One day, our corporate doctor dropped in our office to check our mental being (Yes! Our office required doctor visits regularly so he could tell us we were mentally stable enough to work.) The doctor immediately asked, "You have a trouble with sleeping?" I was so ashamed that the doctor even noticed it by just took a glance at my face. And he continued "Are you OK?" I couldn't lie and my tears poured out like a waterfall.
The doctor diagnosed me as "Major Depression" and prescribed pills, a lot of them with pretty scary side effects. 
I practically grew up in my grandma's garden, I always have a tendency to use anything natural from our garden to aid scratches and burns since I was a little.
Piles of pills right in front of me, I realized I had to do something before I started to lose myself in a hole...

I started to read anything to do with natural herbs, Chakra, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Bach flower, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Meditations, Crystals... I read everything my eyes crossed. Literally.

And I tried EVERYTHING! Enrolled into courses, attending seminars, bought hundreds of books... It became my obsession.

As a result, thanks to my natural remedy I turned my life around. I still deal with some minor ups and downs yet I'm enjoying my life again as a business owner and a mom :)

My Goal is to spread the word and share my experiences with natural healing to the community because I know someone is going through what I went through.

Our brand flourishes with Love & Peace and our products are designed to guide you for more balanced Chakras & Healing for your life. We feature products related Chakra, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Healing... etc, to make us centered and live happier life :)
We strive to offer the best discounts on jewelry, clothing, and accessories. We also offer many free promotional items where you only pay shipping (for a limited time)!
Our passion and commitment, to our community and brand, are what have grown our business from our living room to an online retail space! We tend to frolic around the world and gather unique ideas or items that will inspire beautiful, open-minded people like you.
We are based in California and have been in business since 2014.
Our mission is to offer our community limited edition items, unique style inspiration, and of course the ultimate motivation to embrace your true self :)
We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations when it comes to quality of products and is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your order.

Thank you for visiting♡

Karma L. Hemingway