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Meet Our Energy Healer

Meet Ikumi, an Energy Healer we work with directly!

She has helped hundreds of individuals in our community, including our team members, by guiding us to give POWER back to who we truly are.

And that is super POWERFUL!

Ikumi is a certified NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Peak Performance Coach, Speaker, and founder of Enlighten My Soul.

By combining her extensive cultural and business background and her keen sense of intuition with a spiritual gift, she focuses on helping individuals just like you to pursue your BIG DREAMS and be in full control of your life with a direction, a better sense of purpose.

She is the creator of a highly effective transformational program called Wonder Woman Quest™ which Ikumi incorporates energy work, rituals, an interactive blend of NLP, and Hypnotherapy techniques to guide you to the quest of finding your Inner Warrior.

Do you want to unleash and align with your Inner Warrior, you will be able to control your fear and achieve your dream outcome with confidence!

Here is her site. CLICK HERE!