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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Chakra Balancing 101

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Both chakra work and aromatherapy are part of traditional Ayurvedic (EYE-your-VEE-dik) medicine from India and other forms of healing we have only recently discovered and started to use in the West as complementary and alternative forms of healing. They are both safe to use in conjunction with conventional treatments provided you follow some simple safety precautions with both. The results can be very therapeutic, bringing you into balance in all areas of your life depending on which chakras you wish to work on or what healing effects or mood enhancement you are aiming for. So let’s get started with the basics, what are chakras and what is aromatherapy?

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Chapter 1 - What are Chakras? 4
Chapter 2 - What is Aromatherapy? 6
Chapter 3 - What are Essential Oils? 7
Chapter 4 - Safety First When Using Essential Oils 9
Chapter 5 - Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Healing 11
Chapter 6 - The Root Chakra 14
Chapter 7 - The Navel Chakra 17
Chapter 8 - The Solar Plexus Chakra 19
Chapter 9 – The Heart Chakra 21
Chapter 10 – The Throat Chakra 25
Chapter 11 - The Third Eye Chakra 27
Chapter 12 - The Crown Chakra 29
Chapter 13 - Chakra Massage Basics 32 Conclusion 34

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