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Cosmic Consciousness Tea Blend

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**Tea blend is only available for U.S-based customers!

Chai spiced Yerba Maté with Holy Tulsi to awaken your spirit.

This spiced, soothing, and lightly sweet chai is packed with delicious herbs with powerful healing benefits. Holy tulsi trinity & toasted Yerba  Maté have been used for centuries for their rich medicinal benefits.

This blend is so perfect for deepening your awareness to align with your cosmic consciousness.

This blend contains...

  • *Toasted Yerba Maté
  • *Holy Tulsi Trinity (Rama, Vana & Krishna)
  • *Cinnamon
  • *Ginger
  • Cardamom
  • *Fennel Seeds
  • Contains caffeine – *organic

<< Benefits >>
Toasted Yerba Maté: A rich and toasted green tea type, herbaceous flavor. Similar to a lightly roasted coffee with a grassy undertone.

  • Aids Digestion
  • Enhances Physical Endurance
  • Improves Memory
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Supports Weight Loss: Raises metabolism, regulates appetite, encouraging a healthy diet.
  • Is thermogenic, “Thermogenic” means that it actually induces the body to burn calories.
  • Provides antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, and B vitamins to support a healthy lifestyle.

Holy Tulsi Trinity (Rama, Krishna, Vana): Native to India, holy basil is also known as tulsi, which means “the incomparable one.” Holy Basil has a lemon-like scent and flavor, herbaceous and full-bodied. Does not taste like your typical garden basil. Used in Ayurvedic medicines and tinctures. 

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Radio-protective
  • Increases endurance
  • Reduces the negative effects of stress
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Decreases incidence of gastric ulcer
  • Lowers the stress-induced release of adrenal hormones and assists in the normalization of cortisol
  • Enhances endocrine function, increases physical performance
  • Reduces oxidative stress, modulates inflammation (COX-2 inhibition)
  • Protects the liver
  • Promotes eye health
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Nourishes the cardiovascular system, inhibits platelet aggregation/ profound antiatherogenic effect, normalizes lipids
  • Balances blood sugar and insulin metabolism
  • Anticancer and antioxidative: protects against radiation and chemotherapy-induced damage
  • Anti-inflammatory: reduces COX-2 expression
  • Supports drug and nicotine withdrawal; normalizes the HPAA
  • Elevates mood and spirit: relieves mild forms of depression, especially when induced from stress, nourishes the vital spirit (heart), promotes cheerfulness, helps with processing grief and fear.

Cinnamon: Spicy, mildly sweet, and woody

  • Helps Fight Cancer
  • Improves Mental Clarity
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar
  • Supports Weight Loss

    Ginger Root: Zesty, pungent and warm

    • Aids Digestion
    • Promotes Healthy Thyroid Function
    • Combats Stomach Discomfort
    • Improves Absorption of Nutrients
    • Reduces Appetite
    • Strengthens Immune System

    Cardamom: Complex warm, citrusy, earthy

    • Aids Digestion
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Detoxes & Diuretic
    • Helps Depression
    • Helps Fight Cancer
    • Lowers Blood Pressure
    • Natural Aphrodisiac
    • Rich in Antioxidant

    Fennel Seed: Similar to licorice and anise

    • Beats bad breath
    • Aids digestion
    • Relieves water retention
    • Supports healthy weight loss
    • Protects against cancers
    • Relieves menstrual symptoms

    Licorice Root: Sweet root, very mild licorice flavor

    • Aids Digestion
    • Helps Depression
    • Helps PMS & Bloating
    • Natural Sweetener
    • Supports Healthy Skin
    • Supports Weight Loss

    Our tea blends are sourced and blended in the Sierra Mountains, USA🇺🇸
    It is available for U.S-based customers ONLY!

    ***These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.